LSI GSA Contract

LSI GSA Contract

LSI provides a full range of training services for the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Homeland security and aerospace industry using leading edge capabilities with trained, experienced and skilled personnel. LSI understands a federal buyer’s time is valuable, and we have positioned ourselves to make it easy to do business with us through our GSA fixed-price contracting mechanism. Your risk and the decision cycle to award us a contract is minimized as we are considered a pre approved contractor in compliance with all applicable government rules and regulations.

LSI GSA Leaflet
LSI Terms and Conditions/FSSP

Why LSI?

  • Over 32 years experience
  • Trusted government trainer
  • Sound leadership
  • Technologically innovative
  • Can offer total solution
  • Rapid response
  • Less oversight needed
  • Products fully conform with most current military specifications
  • Assured quality ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Capabilities and policies to safeguard classified information
  • Multiple locations nationally
  • Reduced decision cycle to award contracts
  • Prices reflect best value as determined through pre-approved vendor process
  • 91% performance rating by D&B
  • Over 450+ of our nearly 500 personnel are training specialists

For more information contact Dave Risha, Director, Contracts Management.
Ph: (904) 594-6603 | Fax: (904) 779-6171

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