Fabrication Facility



In support of our Modeling and Simulation lines of business, LSI operates a manufacturing production facility in Pensacola, FL.  The 61,000  square feet of manufacturing space is spread over a five building compound,  all actively engaged in  training device manufacturing, modification, relocation, depot level overhaul, and supporting on-site repair and contractor operation and maintenance at numerous military sites.  This facility includes three main hangar production facilities, one each for the ongoing Apache, Chinook, and Black Hawk work. Another building is dedicated to our machinery, welding, sheet metal, and electrical/electronic shops and includes a CNC machine and a water jet cutter.  The fifth is a warehouse space. We also have an OSHA certified paint booth, large enough to paint an entire CH-47 Chinook Helicopter and a smaller paint booth for modeled component and smaller parts.  In this comprehensive facility, LSI engineers and technicians produce quality training devices that meet or exceed customer requirements at the lowest possible cost with on time, or ahead of schedule delivery.  The fact that we have our own metal fabrication gives us better control of quality and helps us ensure on time deliveries.  Our capabilities at our fabrication plant not only provide a facility that is fully capable of manufacture, overhaul and modification of major Aircraft Training Systems, it also provides additional research capacity and capabilities leveraging the impressive skills and expertise of our artisans who bring Depot, Intermediate, and Organizational level Aviation Maintenance experience.