Peculiar Ground Support Equipment Training Devices (PGSETD)


Aviation Ground Power Unit (AGPU)

LSI designed and produced an AGPU for the Taiwan Army to power a real AH-64E Apache Helicopter.  The AGPU is powered by 3 phase, 480 VAC at 200 Amps and produces 3 phase, 400 Hz, 115 VAC at 60 KVA and 60 Hz power, 120 VAC, and 28 VDC to the helicopter.  The AGPU also produces 3000 psi hydraulic pressure to the aircraft or trainer at 6-15 GPM using a Variable Frequency Drive.  LSI also manufactures AGPUs for the U.S. Army Apache L-7AY and Chinook Helicopter Maintenance Trainers (CHMTs).  The AGPU is designed to operate in a hangar environment.

Mobile Power Supply Unit (MPSU)

LSI designs and produces MPSUs for the U.S. Army UH-60 Black Hawk Maintenance Trainers (BHMT-Ms) and Chinook Helicopter Maintenance Trainers (CHMTs).  The MPSU is powered by 3 phase, 208 or 220 VAC at 200 Amps and produces 3 phase, 400 Hz, 115 VAC at 30 KVA and 60 Hz power, and 120 VAC to the helicopter.  It also produces 3000 psi hydraulic press at 6 to 15 GPM using a Variable Frequency Drive.  The MPSU is very quiet in operation to facilitate instruction on the hangar floor.

Radar Simulator Test Set

The Radar Simulator test set is used to radiate five individual radar warning antennas installed on the L7AY device. It can be set to each of the three different settings listed in the IETM for the Radar Warning MOC, each of which will provide a useable signal for the HTD to display the correct threat symbology and audio warnings.

IFF Transponder Test Set

The IFF Transponder is used to send and receive signals to and from the L7AY during the IFF Transponder MOC and associated FIPs.  It can distinguish between all of the different transponder modes used on the AH-64 and will provide all associated pass/fail indications based on the settings of the HTD.

Hellfire Test Set

The TSGMS test set is used during the Hellfire MOC. It is able to perform the full self-test IAW listed IETM instructions. It connects and interfaces with the L7AY through each individual hellfire rail. It also connects to the GETAC computer to interface with the IETM software, which allows the IETM to provide a PASS indication during the MOC.

TADS Continuity Test Set

The TADS continuity test set allows the user to perform a full test of the 1A4W1 wiring harness (Funny Harness). It will perform a full continuity test IAW the IETM.

Flight Line Test Set

The Flight Line Test Set is used to perform the Radar Jammer MOC and associated FIPs. All test set indications function IAW the IETM and are controlled both by switch positions on the test set as well as individual settings on the HTD.

Countermeasures Dispensing Test Set

The CDTS is used during the MISSILE WARNING SYSTEM AND COUNTERMEASURES DISPENSING SUBSYSTEM MOC and associated FIPS. They receive information from HTD through the baseplates which are connected to the HTD. Each test set can perform a full self-test and is able to count the number of chaff or flares fired off from each dispenser.