Our Innovations


Augmented/Mixed Reality is an innovative new technology that leverages the Microsoft HoloLens for today’s learning solutions.  This new capability has proven to increase the speed and quality of learning while enabling students to learn about specific components and systems and perform tasks in a mixed reality environment.

Leverages 3D assets.

LSI can leverage existing 3D graphic files to build the new training.  Using the 3D files combined with our vast experience with Unity, LSI can quickly build more cost effective training.  The 3D assets are scalable within the application to provide a better learning experience for the student.

Unique training environment by enhancing realism.

Students are able to learn about complex machinery and components that would normally be hard (or impossible) to access.   Students can select and remove components to view the interworking parts and also view functional flows of a component.

Training anywhere.

Students can use this training anywhere — they are not tied to a certain area and do not require the use of a green screen.  Additionally, augmented/mixed reality training prevents motion sickness which is common with virtual reality.

Powerful learning experience.

Students can experience scalable, realistic 3D training integrated with existing productivity tools.  With the HoloLens, an instructor can see where the student is looking and redirect the student’s attention to a specific location or component on the model.

Our highly innovative and pioneering learning solutions based on Augmented Reality (AR) are truly a game changer in the world of learning and training.



Sco Workbench

SCO Workbench was designed to follow sound instructional design principles and to automate the instructional design process. This focus has led to a product that helps instructional developers realize comprehensive blended training solutions through a suite of tools address the requirements for each kind of training with an integrated system.


SCO Workbench starts with a set of analysis tools.  Performing a Job and Mission analysis provides a solid foundation to understand the real goal of a training program – Human Performance.  Transitioning job tasks into instructional objectives unlocks the media and strategy selection tools to round out a solid definition of the training program’s overall objective.

Highly Interactive Instructional Development

SCO Workbench assists with the development of adaptive content flows using the integrated, visual flow diagraming system.  This system lets designers draw a branching content flow then compile that into HTML5 content for execution on the web.  The tools for building and tracking interactions are comprehensive.

Lesson Plans & Instructor Led Training

One of SCO Workbench’s many capabilities is assisting with development of lesson plans and interactive instructional slides. The content can automatically display the lesson plan and navigate in sync with the instructional content like a teleprompter for the instructor.  The system even supports instructor personalization and centralized instructor content management.

Learner Assessment Development

SCO Workbench also provides a set of tools for developing learner assessments.  The tools make it very easy to develop complex randomization and question bank scenarios, track learner progress against enabling and terminal objectives, and develop many different kinds of questions including performance based interactions.  With all these features and full SCORM 2004 conformance for record keeping, SCO Workbench provides a solid set of assessment capabilities.

Simulator Scenario Development

The last part of the blended training solution puzzle is performance of job tasks.  SCO Workbench, has powerful capabilities for developing simulator scenarios.  Scenario development is fully visual using a drag-and-drop diagraming system to draw the sequence of events and then publish the scenario into a file format that the simulation can read in and execute.  The tool is Open Source Non-Proprietary and is great to deliver to the customer with a simulation so they can build their own scenarios.