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Virtual Reality xAPI Dashboard

LSI has extensive experience with the Experience API (xAPI). This successor technology to SCORM allows for all actions taken by the student to be tracked to a Learning Record Store (LRS). Unfortunately, many classrooms across the DoD are on a closed local network, preventing access to a command or service-wide LRS. This makes student tracking and using xAPI a very challenging problem to solve. There may be an LRS available, but it cannot be accessed from the classroom. For the Army Quartermaster School’s Petroleum and Water Department in Fort Lee, Virginia, LSI built a student tracking system using xAPI in a closed network Virtual Reality (VR) classroom. The Student Workstations each have a VR headset connected with the VR training application installed. As the students perform each task, xAPI statements are sent to the Learner’s Performance Dashboard (LPD) application installed on the Instructor Workstation. The LPD has a built in compact LRS to listen for the xAPI statements coming from the Student Workstations. The VR software has built-in statement caching in case the LPD is offline. These cached statements are sent in bulk when connectivity is established, ensuring no student data is missed within this closed network solution without a dedicated full LRS. Using xAPI for this solution allows for student training records to be integrated with a future Army LRS solution. The statements are always available on the instructor station, and easily archived to be retrieved in the future by a different LRS.