Training Requirements Analysis


Instructional Systems Design (ISD)

LSI’s Instructional Designers hold advanced degrees in education and learning science disciplines.  They are experienced in using an array of training requirements analysis and design methodologies including, the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation (ADDIE) process; the Systems Approach to Training (SAT); Human Systems Integration (HSI); and the Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) End-to-End process.  By applying the correct methodology and leveraging extensive domain experience, LSI designs training that is effective, efficient, and engaging.

SCO Workbench

SCO Workbench is a comprehensive analysis system that provides Instructional Designers with a suite of data gathering and analysis tools designed to streamline complex task and media analyses.  SCO Workbench captures Conditions, Behaviors, and Knowledge/Skills/Attitudes (KSAs) associated with knowledge and performance tasks.  Using algorithms based on MIL-HDBK 29612 guidance and customizable based on specific project requirements, a task list is easily distilled into a training task list.  Each training task is then subject to further analysis using Human Systems Integration (HSI) and stimuli parameters, resulting in a clearly defined optimal and secondary training media requirement.  Learning Objectives developed in SCO Workbench are organized in a visual hierarchy for ease of sequencing.  SCO Workbench outputs are the basis of the Instructional Performance Requirement Document (IPRD) and the Instructional Media Requirements Document (IMRD).