Aviation Ground Power Unit (AGPU)

LSI designed and produced an electric AGPU used exclusively for training in a hangar environment for the Taiwan Army to power a real AH-64E Apache Helicopter. The AGPU is designed for hangar use only and is powered by 3 phase, 480 VAC at 200 Amps and produces 3 phase, 400 Hz, 115 VAC at 60 KVA and 60 Hz power, 120 VAC, and 28 VDC to the helicopter. The AGPU also produces 3000 psi hydraulic pressure to the aircraft or trainer at 6-15 GPM using a Variable Frequency Drive. LSI also manufactures electric AGPUs for the U.S. Army Apache L-7AY and Chinook Helicopter Maintenance Trainers (CHMTs). LSI’s non-ruggedized AGPUs are designed to operate in a hangar environment for training devices.