SCO Workbench

SCO Workbench is a comprehensive analysis system that provides Instructional Designers with a suite of data gathering and analysis tools designed to streamline complex task and media analyses.  SCO Workbench captures Conditions, Behaviors, and Knowledge/Skills/Attitudes (KSAs) associated with knowledge and performance tasks.  Using algorithms based on MIL-HDBK 29612 guidance and customizable based on specific project requirements, a task list is easily distilled into a training task list.  Each training task is then subject to further analysis using Human Systems Integration (HSI) and stimuli parameters, resulting in a clearly defined optimal and secondary training media requirement.  Learning Objectives developed in SCO Workbench are organized in a visual hierarchy for ease of sequencing.  SCO Workbench outputs are the basis of the Instructional Performance Requirement Document (IPRD) and the Instructional Media Requirements Document (IMRD).