Curriculum and Courseware Development

LSI provides a full range of training services for the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and the Aerospace Industry.

LSI provides training solutions for our fighting men and women in the Armed Forces. We develop innovative Computer-Based Training (CBT) and Web-Based Training (WBT) packages that are deliverable worldwide – on land or on sea – through a wide area network. This training integrates common electronic data and graphics.

Working in concert with the Armed Forces through our Integrated Process Teams (IPT), we develop training that is exciting and performance-based, with full simulation, tied directly to the user’s mission requirements. The resulting courseware is deployable, so we can pre-train personnel “just-in-time” – when and where needed.

LSI helps the Armed Forces save acquisition and life-cycle costs as it moves into a new skill-driven operating environment.

At LSI, we’re known for our hands-on management and relentless pursuit of quality. Our customers count on our success.

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