Instructor Services

LSI provides instructors that meet specific Government requirements for numerous military aviation academic courses. These services are provided at designated military installations nationwide, at LSI facilities in Jacksonville, Florida, and at various military facilities around the world.

Army Aviation Instructor Services

LSI provides on-site training and support services for flight crew and maintenance personnel worldwide. We provide instructors that meet specific government requirements for numerous Army aviation academic courses. We have provided New Equipment Training (NET) Team personnel for Apache and Chinook pilot and maintainer ground school instruction.

Our Army Aviation Division is currently providing these services to Program Executive Office (PEO) Aviation, Cargo at designated Army Posts. Our CH-47F team consisting of Project Managers, Subject Matter Experts, Instructors, and Courseware Developers is currently engaged in conducting ground school and providing training product updates for the units equipped with the Army’s new CH-47F helicopter. We have trained over 1,250 Soldiers to date. Also, we are continuing the NET training as well as the revision and maintenance of courseware as the aircraft changes due to the Product Improvement Program, until all the Chinook units are transitioned to the CH-47F.

In addition, LSI has the personnel and the processes in place to manage the requirements for Instructor Services for any size task. LSI can provide and implement a course of action to provide validated training services delivered on-site to Army units or at LSI in our training facility.

For more information, contact Brett Ulander, Director, Marketing and Customer Relations, Dave Risha, Director of Business Development or Jennifer Carter, Business Development Manager.

International Aviation Instructor Services

We also provide platform specific Subject Matter Experts (SME) with A&P licenses to maintain the designated aircraft provided to LSI as Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) that are used as training devices for training courses. If required, we maintain the aircraft and report maintenance actions performed, scheduled inspections completed, and any supply/support required to the Government.

We provide on-site training and support services for flight crews and maintenance personnel worldwide. Training is patterned along U.S. military syllabi and conducted by expert Training Specialists with significant operational and instructional expertise.

Training and support elements are seamlessly integrated to include any or all of the following:

  • Courseware Development
  • Basic Fleet Replacement Squadron Instruction
  • Advanced “O” and “I” Level Maintenance Training
  • Full Maintenance Support and On-the-Job Training
  • Equipment Upgrade Training and Support
  • Logistics and Mission Planning Assistance

As one of the U.S. Department of Defense’s prime contractors for aircraft training and support, we have conducted a number of successful training programs under Foreign Military Sales (FMS) agreements. Additionally, we have provided maintenance and training support to our Aerospace Industry partners in numerous foreign countries. Our training initiatives have supported both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft in Germany, Portugal, Egypt, Pakistan, and most recently Taiwan. During 2013, LSI delivered maintenance and training support for the Taiwan Navy (TN) P-3C Training Program which included supplemental aircrew training to the VP-30 Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS). LSI also maintained the TN-specific mission systems to ensure operational readiness of the TN P-3C aircraft during the FRS training.

For more information, contact Brett Ulander, Director, Marketing and Customer Relations, Dave Risha, Director of Business Development or Jennifer Carter, Business Development Manager.

Coast Guard Aviation Instructor Services

LSI also provides Technical Instructor Training Support to the Coast Guard for the C-130 Airborne Surveillance with Palletized Electronic Reconnaissance (CASPER)/APS-137 Surface Search Radar systems. Our Training Specialists provide operator training and technical assistance through frequent visits to Coast Guard air stations on both the East and West coasts and participate in numerous operational detachments of the HC-130H aircraft.

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