Operator Training Devices


Modernized Target Acquisition Designator Sight (TADS) Selected Task Trainer (M-TSTT)

Modernized Target Acquisition Designator Sight (TADS) Selected Task Trainer (M-TSTT) is an AH-64 Apache Helicopter part task trainer that provides an interactive means of training pilots in operator procedures related to Sights, Weapons, Communications, Navigation, Controls and Displays, Fire Control Radar, and Data Management.  The M-TSTT also provides interactive tests to train and evaluate users on controls and displays switchology.  These switchology tests offer three levels of complexity ranging from beginner to advanced level.  The training device hardware can easily be changed to support both the AH64D and AH64E aircraft configurations.

Training supported:

  • Switchology
  • Boresighting
  • Tracking/Targeting
  • Target Acquisition (FCR / MTADS)
  • Target Engagement
  • ILS/VOR operation
  • Communications
  • Navigation

Longbow Procedural Trainer (LPT)

The LPT is virtual procedural trainer that faithfully emulates the controls and displays of the Apache aircraft crew station.  The LPT is used by the Longbow New Equipment Training Team (NETT) and Ft. Rucker instructors as a tool for providing training to aircrew personnel.  The LPT allows students to practice procedural tasks for systems such as weapons, sighting, fire control radar, navigation, communications, data management, flight, fuel, performance planning, target tracking, emergency procedures, and digital messaging.  The LPT employs pull-down menus to:

  • Display either pilot or Copilot Gunner (CPG) configuration
  • Access crew station panels
  • Change aircraft configuration or conditions such as adding fuel tanks, updating speed, altitude, and course, enabling emergency conditions, or modifying aircraft system configuration
  • Set up networking between multiple LPT’s on a network to practice audio and digital communications

Students use a mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen display to interact with the LPT.  To increase fidelity, LSI has developed and integrated a modeled TEDAC assembly that connects to the LPT via USB and HDMI.  When connected, the virtual TEDAC display is removed from the user interface and video is displayed on the modeled TEDAC Assembly.