Monday, May 10, 2010

LSI achieved a significant milestone on 30 April 2010 by completing the Pakistan Navy (PN) P-3C Mission Systems Training and Instructor Under Training for 27 PN aircrewmen and 12 maintenance personnel.  LSI’s contract with NAVAIR entailed developing courseware for 10 training tracks followed by flight training, maintenance instruction, and maintenance support of the two modified P-3C Upgrade Program (PUP) aircraft.  While collocated with VP-30 at NAS Jacksonville, 30 LSI instructors and maintenance support personnel achieved numerous qualifications in compliance with Government Flight Representative (GFR) requirements that led to LSI crews safely flying over 50 training flights and 248 flight hours during the past six months.  The training program was highlighted by three Pakistan Navy aircrews achieving initial positional NATOPS qualification in their newly configured P-3C PUP aircraft and six PN aircrewmen receiving recommendations to serve as positional NATOPS instructors.  During the aircraft transfer ceremony that occurred on 30 April 2010, LSI personnel were specifically recognized by the PN CNO for their substantial contribution to the PN P-3 Program.