Monday, September 25, 2017

LSI was awarded the AV-8B Deployable Mission Rehearsal Trainer (DMRT) in August of 2016. The DMRT allows Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier pilots to rehearse their missions aboard ship in a flight simulator prior to getting in the aircraft and flying the tactical mission. The DMRT visual database can be updated with actual (current) terrain data so the pilots see in mission rehearsal exactly what they will encounter when they get in the aircraft. Multiple DMRTs can be “linked” together so rehearsal with “your wingman” is possible.
The contract is to build 8 DMRT devices over a 27 month period of performance. The DMRT team, led by Dave Grimland, Director, Training Device Programs, has been working hard for the last year designing the DMRT devices and has their Critical Design Review (CDR) in October. Brett Ulander, LSI’s Director, Marketing and Customer Relations was recently interviewed by Sea Power Magazine about the program. See the article below: