Friday, February 22, 2019

LSI’s Chinook Helicopter Maintenance Trainer (CHMT) is a modern training device that facilitates multi-tiered training including troubleshooting, operational checks, and removal and replacement simulations. The CHMT combines an actual aircraft fuselage and components with simulated and virtualized components to support aircraft servicing, Removal and Installation (R&I), Maintenance Operational Checks (MOC), and Fault Isolation Procedures (FIP) training in a high-fidelity simulated environment. Our hybrid virtual/hardware approach increases training capabilities and effectiveness. Featured in Army Aviation Magazine last year, LSI is proud the CHMT has been successful and has “proven more efficient and cost effective for enabling realistic aircraft training.” For more information about our training solutions, visit

  • 6 Chinook Helicopter Part Task Trainers 10-Level (CHMT-10)
    •  6 Service tasks, 51 R&I, 31 FIPs
  • 4 Chinook Helicopter Part Task Trainers 30-Level (CHMT-30)
    • All CHMT-10 capabilities plus an additional 13 MOCs and 23 FIPs
  • 4 Chinook Helicopter Park Task Trainers Electrical / Virtual (CHMT-EV)
    • All CHMT-30 capabilities plus and additional 30 MOCs and 118 FIPs