Friday, March 30, 2018

The AH-64E Apache Helicopter Maintenance Trainer, the L7 is the most sophisticated maintenance trainer built to date by LSI. Designed to provide training to both 15R (AH-64 Attack Helicopter Repairer) and 15Y (Armament/Electrical/Avionic Systems Repairer) students, the trainer has a fully functional Hydraulic system, ECS system, Pressurized Air system, Gun and Ammo Handling system, Flight Control system, Pylons and AIA (M-TADS/PNVS). The MAVWEST was recently featured in the January issue of Army Aviation Magazine.

Training supported:
• Aircraft Systems: 20
• Fault isolation procedures supported: 326
• Maintenance operational checks: 97
• Removal and installation tasks: 240
• Additional Maintenance procedures, including the Captive Boresight Harmonization Kit (CBHK), hydraulic servicing, rigging, etc.